How to change password on Yahoo?

Out of the numerous Email services available nowadays, Yahoo is the most used. There are numerous options available which can be used to make sure that you enjoy using Yahoo in a proficient manner with the least amount of distractions. It offers all the services that are available in an Email service. The most amazing feature in Yahoo Email is that you are provided with unlimited storage for your Yahoo mails. This is to make sure that you receive your Emails at all times, and you do not need to get rid of the old Emails in order to accommodate the new ones. Many new innovative features are offered into the Yahoo mail based on the technical advances taking place in today’s world. There are certain problems that you may face while you are using the Yahoo mail. In case of any such problem encountered, you can dial Yahoo customer support phone number and get the problem fixed by the experts.

In order to use Yahoo Email service, it is necessary to have a valid Email ID and password. Yahoo accounts are prone to password hacks. Hence it is advised to update the password at regular intervals to ensure that you do not become the victim of the attack and that your data is not compromised. It is also advised to keep strong passwords which are not easy to hack. But in order to do so, you need to know the option to change the Yahoo password.

How to change Yahoo password?

In order to change the Yahoo password, you need to go through the following steps:

  • Open Yahoo mail login page and login to your account, if not already logged in.
  • Go to the Yahoo account info page.
  • Browse to Account Security > Change password.
  • Enter the new password that you wish to change twice and click on the continue button.
  • Finally the password is changed after the confirmation is displayed.

By going through the steps mentioned below, you can choose the option to change your Yahoo password. In case you are facing any issues in following the steps or are still unable to change the password, you can contact Yahoo tech support phone number and get the problem fixed as soon as it is encountered. The Yahoo experts help you solve any problem that you may face. 24*7 support is provided to ensure that you do not remain away from your Yahoo Email account for a longer period of time.


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